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Welcome to the SDNP upgraded .mw 3R registry domain services.

SDNP has upgraded the Registry on the Malawi .mw country code top level domain (Malawi .mw ccTLD)

from a

2R model where registrants create and register domains directly at the registry (registry-registrant model)

to a

3R model where registrants use registrars who connect to the registry using EPP to register and manage domains on behalf of registrants and end users (registry-registrar-registrant model).

The aim of upgrading is to improve efficiency by increased automating at the registry so as to better handle the increasing number of domains on .mw and introduce more players in the business by introducing and increasing the number of registrars. Bringing in more players is expected to hopefully increase competition.

In the 2R model, SDNP has been running the .mw registry as the registry operator, as well as acting as and running as the only registrar for .mw domains.

In the 3R model SDNP intends to only run the registry. SDNP will hence need to recruit and accredit registrars. It is anticipated that many of the current resellers in Malawi and abroad, ISPs, content providers and other registered ICT entities in Malawi will be interested to become registrars and find it beneficial in becoming .mw registrars.

In addition to upgrading the registry, additional policy needs to be put in place and this is included here on this site.

Users and registrants will register and manage domains through registrars who will connect to the registry using EPP. It is hoped that introducing registrars will bring more players in the .mw ccTLD operation, introduce and increase competition into the sector and hence hopefully further improve quality and prices for domains and domain operations.

The upgrade process, where most aspects are already operational, is expected to be completed by end of 2015.

The aim of this site is to assist with a smooth transition from the 2R model operation to the 3R model operation.